The Center for Yoga


Othene is that teacher everyone dreams of finding. Her grace and positive energy are contagious.  Every class is an experience of mind, body, and soul expansion.  I have been practicing with Othene for almost 2 years now.  When I began I was uncoordinated, inflexible, and low energy.  Her individualized instruction helped me master the physicality of the poses and accept where I am on a given day.

Othene guides you to become your greatest, most powerful, beautiful self.  This carries over in life after the mat.  I am more self confident, peaceful, and better able to handle the stress of daily life.

I look forward to my twice -weekly classes…and am looking forward to the day I can attend class more often. I’m even considering teacher training, just to dive deeper into this amazing yoga experience.  Before I started at the center for yoga, I had been to other studios.  Once I practiced at TCFY, I never went back.  I still have classes on my card from another studio but I haven’t been back in 2 years.  Nothing else compares. – Christine

“Have you ever thought about deepening your practice?”
That questions was posed to me by Othene Munson when I was at a crossroads in my life in 2010. By watching, listening and just “being” in her presences has taught me the grace, discipline and love, that I too can have, as I “deepen my practice”. I graduated from her YTT-200 program in 2011 with a whole new set of ideas, goals and directions, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.
Thank You, Miss Othene! -Denise Keller

It has been my deep honor and ever daily dose of gratitude for knowing and studying and sharing the practice of yoga with Othene since 2002. She truly is a nurturing spirit and teacher with a keen intuitive sense and inspiring capacity to encourage growth and positive change. She has most certainly influenced my yogic path and has always been there with just the right words when the need arises. When you meet Othene, you know you’re in the presence of someone who is gifted with an exceptional knowledge base but it is her wisdom and deep sense of connection that sets her apart. With all light and endless love! -Beth